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This month’s newsletter is about hope, family, career and health and how to do these better. During these trying times, it is especially important to stay positive, have hope and carry on. We designed this issue to help you get through this just a little easier. Please share.

“Do It Better” is the mantra for those who want to kick ass when doing what we do, and the foundation of great success. So here is great curated and original content we've distilled to save you time and let you decide if you want to read more. 

How Not to Procrastinate While Working From Home

If you find yourself working from home now, I'm sure you have realized how easy it is to procrastinate! There are so many distractions. But, here are a few good ideas that may help!

Should Children do Chores?

Got a house full of kids now that schools aren't open? Well, now they have time to help out around the house. Here are some thoughts on if children should do chores or not and a simple 2-step process.


Better Eating Habits Without Going Nuts

Do you find yourself eating more when you are stressed? Here's some simple tips on how to create better eating habits that will last.

Innovating Business Operations - A Framework

Innovation in business occurs in three theaters - product, operations, and business model. All three may always be evolving. Especially operations. Innovation is one of the two, and only two functions of a business. This simple framework for operations can be used over and over and will almost always yield ideas to make an enterprise more efficient. We call it TAVS.

Don't forget....

Be safe and wipe your mouse and keyboard with disinfectant wipes. Make sure that the wipes aren't overly damp.

Inspiration to Do It Better

Do It Better - You Design It

Show your support for your favorite cause by wearing a handcrafted bracelet representing the challenges and struggle and heroism displayed every day.  If you don't see something in our collection, design one in 3 easy steps. Show your support today!

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